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My interest in Mary Magdalene peaked with the publication of the novel, "The Da Vinci Code." Many congregational and youth group members asked me about the relevance of the book and what can be truly known concerning her person and history. This generated my inquiry into her life along with a great deal of research and thought resulting in the publication of "Mary Magdalene: New Testament Eve." Please contact me with any questions you may have about Mary Magdalene.

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, and graduating from Westminster College and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, I spent 38 years in youth group ministry and 36 years in the pastorate. Retiring from Natrona Heights Presbyterian Church in 2017, I continue to make my home in the area, along with my family, still engaged in research and writing."


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Deep in the holy season of Advent, where the little towns of Freeport, Natrona Heights, Brackenridge and Tarentum, Pennsylvania nestle along a winding river valley, comes a story that tells of the determination of Heaven to come to the assistance of God’s people.

One cold and dark December night just before Christmas, the late Father Rasmus Gilbert Feynman received a divine charge. He was to leave the heavenly realm forthwith and return to earth—to a little town in Western Pennsylvania, to assist a fellow clergyman and his congregation in their battle against the forces of evil.

It was made plain, that Feynman’s ghost would be doing battle with his former nemesis, who has taken on physicality and presented itself as an enchanting temptress. The current rector of The Church of the Incarnation and the Saints of Advent, had come under the bewitching wiles of this beguiling female, putting himself, the woman who truly loves him, and the entire church and community in grave danger.



    One cold, dark night, not so very long before Christmas, just as a global pandemic is about to sweep over the world, rector Rasmus Feynman, hears a fearsome noise. Believing it to be an intruder up to unholy mischief in Holy Trinity Church, the good cleric resolves to track down and deal with the trespasser forthwith. To his utter shock and dismay, however, the dear man finds that the interloper is somehow something other than human. In spite of his best and bravest efforts, rector Feynman is the one dealt with in quick order, launching him into a strangely different life with a different assignment issued forth by the Divine.

Meanwhile, much is amiss at Holy Trinity Church since Rasmus left his earthly home and when Rasmus is returned, he possesses a new essence and new capabilities for the expressed purpose of setting things aright. The pandemic has caused great damage to the church as well as the reluctance of many of its members to join in and help rectify the situation. And Rasmus—the new Rasmus—is now also charged addressing the haunting of the church by an untoward spirit.

    The ultimate movement in divine/human history occurs on Easter morning with the “embrace of eternity” shared between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The narrative takes a thematic approach to salvation history with the adventure beginning in the Garden of Eden and coming to a climax in the Garden of Joseph of Arimathea.

The story recounts what we can know of Mary Magdalene and her critical role in the Biblical drama. It is no accident that Jesus sought out Mary as the first witness to his bodily resurrection. The encounter between the two is the divine declaration that Eden has been reversed and the dynamic of the divine/human relationship has been restored for all eternity.

This book examines what we know about the historical encounter between Jesus and Mary revealing the true value of the Magdalene, the Godly demise of “death, hell and sin”, and granting light, hope, peace, and joy for all those who sorrow and are bereaved. We see the whole scope of the Bible’s drama presented in a way that is both remarkable and easy to understand while revealing our own personal link with Jesus and Mary for all eternity.